The lightning newtab – An extension in chrome

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Just opened my google store and added this extension.To my surprise its The lightning newtab – An extension in chrome.This post is about an extension in google chrome browser- the lightning newtab.
The lightning new tab appears whenever we use a new tab, which literally has a great look.

Updated: August 22, 2013
Size: 360KB

Which basically follows the grid alignment similar to Windows, which has the most used website links with their logos.


It also provides option for alignment , choosing the site which you want to have in there.

It has a tab which shows the weather stats .

It provides options for changing the background with the predefined wallpapers.

We can also switch the appearance from the grids of sites to

2)weather forecast

3)cloud wallpaper

4)recently visited sites


6) extensions


It allows user to have his own site in the grid

The grid also have muliple options like 8,16 and in different shapes



Fast visit to bookmarks and histories;
Auto-display popular dials; 
Set page background freely, and collect your favorite background pictures; 
LightningNewtab Fast Search, with tips and help; 
LightningNewtab uses HTML5/CSS3 design, pages gorgeous and rendering fast


we need to set the search engine in our chrome website, else it uses it own predefined search engine

Initally  it provides with lot of webtabs, so if the user uses only few he/she needs to edit it

Overall a good feature to be added, which provides effective usage of chrome.

Venkatakrishnan V

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